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Homeschooling update 3/16/2012

Busy weeks…
Last Saturday we all went fishing with SJV.  The girls each caught several fish and Samantha won a pink fishing pole for catching the most of any girl.  The girls all got to play with worms, and Clare tried to eat one.
Sunday I took Lucy and Samantha to a chamber music concert that the St. Michael’s band put on.  Lucy liked it, but Samantha doesn’t want to go back.
Ballet Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesday Craig and his dad took apart the washing machine.
Thursday we visited the farmer’s market and Whole Foods.
Today we went to Lowe’s and Target.  Tomorrow we’re going to plant one of Papa’s vegetable beds.

Homeschooling Journal 1/31/2012

Samantha had ballet, and she danced the whole class and looked like she was having a great time. Girls and Craig visited Nana and Papa. Lucy likes to play with the calculator. Veggie Tales puzzle.

Homeschooling Journal 1/30/2012

Lucy had ballet, and she is doing very well for a beginner. A little awkward, but she’s getting the hang of it. She’s tying her shoes with no trouble now.
“Hail Mary” copywork for Lucy, working on lower case letters. She is refusing to try to make them so far, wants to stay with all caps.
Clare can go backwards down the stairs, which is a relief. She’s taking a few steps on her own now.
Samantha is all about the pretend play. We had “tea” this morning.

Homeschooling Journal 1/28/2012

Farmer’s market
Grocery store
Evening Mass

Homeschooling Journal 1/25/2012

Lucy can tie her tap shoes! They’re not quite tight enough usually, but she’s doing it without help already. That puts me to shame. I couldn’t tie my shoes in kindergarten.
We went to daily Mass at SJV and survived it. I’m hoping to make that a Wednesday tradition.
Clare stood up without anything – stood on her hands and feet, put her bottom up in the air, and then straightened right up!
What a busy week!

Homeschooling Journal 1/24/2012

Samantha started ballet today. (Lucy started yesterday – walked right in and did very well. The teacher called her “a very smart little girl”.) Samantha was more shy. Lucy did her whole class for her, while Sam sat with me and Clare. She finally got up to put on dress-up clothes, and then did the last 5 or 10 minutes of dancing. Hopefully next week will be better.
Clare figured out how to go down stairs backwards on her stomach today. Finally!
Lucy worked on how to tie her tap shoes.
We baked a “war cake” (as in using ingredients left when there are rations). I called it an “anti-war” cake, instead.
Have been reading The Weight of the Mass often.
Nightly prayer is going well (Craig added guitar tonight) and morning prayer is going pretty well.

Homeschool journal 1/6/2012



Both: helped with laundry; went for bike ride/walk; played gofish with saint cards
Clare: practicing standing up without holding on (preferably on a chair!)

Homeschool Journal 1/5/2012

Lucy: copywork – Hail Mary, “do people still think it’s ok to kill people” discussion
Samantha: copywork – “Jesus, I trust in you.” (she’s not ready for copywork)

Both: magnet dolls, Plants vs. Zombies, bread making, yoga

Night and morning prayer at the new prayer space is going really well!

Homeschool journal 1/3/2012

Lucy: copywork-Hail Mary; made video of Clare
Sam: polishing silver candle stick

Both: floor puzzle, magnet dolls, helping unpack, candy land

Reinstated family night prayer

October 6, 2010

Homeschooling journal:

Sewing lessons of various sorts.  Alphabet puzzle.  Discussion of St. Jude and the fire on his head in the picture.  Why we don’t fight over books – they tear.  Cats eat mice.

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