June 30, 2023

Summer Garden Tour 2023

Rather than giving you a list of excuses for why it’s been four months since I posted anything, I thought I’d give you a little taste of what I’ve been up to when I’m not typing away frantically at my computer. For the last several months, what once was blocked off as “writing time” has […]

Posted by Christina
At 05:36 PM

February 24, 2023

Poems for Lent: Stations and At Jerusalem’s Gate

Often when I consider Lenten reading, I turn towards spiritual classics or stories of the saints. Poetry, however, offers a meditative way to focus our minds and hearts on just what it is that we remember in this holy season. Herman Sutter’s Stations: A Poem Cycle and Nikki Grimes’ At Jerusalem’s Gate: Poems of Easter […]

Posted by Christina
At 08:24 AM

January 24, 2023

Grocery Bags

I want to take just a minute to brag. In 2019, I started looking into the Zero Waste movement. After some reading and research, I despaired of ever reaching the “only a canning jar of trash a year” level, but I also decided to make an effort to reduce the amount of trash our family […]

Posted by Christina
At 02:33 PM

November 8, 2022

Two Perspectives on the Death of Culture

At the start of October, I spent a weekend at the Catholic Imagination Conference hosted by the University of Dallas, and (though it has taken me an unconscionably long time to get started) I suspect it may be the topic of posts for the next several months as I unpack the many, many ideas I […]

Posted by Christina
At 02:37 PM

July 26, 2022

Book Pairings

It’s rare day in my life that I’m only reading one book at a time. In fact, I’m more likely to be reading a few too many at once. One advantage to this practice, however, is that sometimes books shine a light on each other that wouldn’t be as obvious if I had to remember […]

Posted by Christina
At 02:37 PM

May 13, 2022

A Little Update

It’s been awhile…It seems that after a year of posting (almost) every week, I needed a breather. But so much has been going on lately, I think it’s past time for an update. We spent Easter week outside of Asheville, NC with Craig’s family, where we enjoyed hiking, cooking, and yarn-shopping. It was a peaceful […]

Posted by Christina
At 02:19 PM

January 15, 2022

Peter Rabbit and Looking Well

Warning: this is another post about tea. And children’s books. And art. So basically the usual. I read a lovely article this week by Amy Baik Lee about Beatrix Potter, china tea cups, and wonder. It was one of those situations that happen to me occasionally: that morning I had been reading The Tale of […]

Posted by Christina
At 10:39 AM

December 18, 2021

In the Way of the Gift

Christmas Presents

Christmas is almost here, and with the last week of Advent comes the frantic rush to finish buying and making Christmas gifts. Despite my best efforts, it seems like there are always one or two people (at least) who still have me stumped right into the week before Christmas. Usually, it’s not the kids who […]

Posted by Christina
At 06:59 PM

December 4, 2021

The End of All Our Plans

I had intentions of writing a grand four week Advent series…but Thanksgiving got the better of me last week, and this has been the week of the Stomach Bug. By the time the clothes, sheets, comforters, floors, and dog were all washed, there wasn’t much time left for writing. So that carefully planned, well-researched series […]

Posted by Christina
At 03:21 PM

November 13, 2021

When the Heart is Generous

First of all, if you live in Lafayette Parish, please go vote “yes” for the library millage. If you’re wondering why, my own reasons are in this post and this post. Don’t worry – we’ll wait. Now that you’ve done you civic duty, I have a couple of thoughts for you on the topic of […]

Posted by Christina
At 08:03 AM
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