November 6, 2021

For the Sake of Stories

Last week, I spent some time exploring the situation our local libraries are in and how we got here. This week, I’d like to continue the discussion by looking at some of the benefits a strong library system brings to our community — in other words, what we risk losing if the millage ultimately fails […]

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At 05:16 PM

October 29, 2021

For the Love of Libraries

I think everyone who knows us knows one thing about us: our family loves books. The bookshelves line the walls to the point that there’s no room to hang art. There are stacks by everyone’s desk, on everyone’s nightstand, and (often) in the van. Naturally, something else comes with our love of books: a love […]

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At 06:02 PM

October 23, 2021

Seeds of Hospitality

It’s long past time I wrote about Kim. First, the background. Craig and I were married the weekend between exams and graduation. That summer, we moved a solid 1,000 miles away from our families. We knew no one; our closest contact was my graduate program director, with whom I had had a couple of phone […]

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At 09:59 AM

September 25, 2021

Fall at Last

I wait all summer for this time of year, when the heat finally breaks. Towards the end of August there’s a little something in the air that’s different, a hint that someday it will be safe to wear sweaters again. It’s not actually any cooler, but the breeze seems to hold a promise for the […]

Posted by Christina
At 11:49 AM

September 18, 2021

You Don’t Have a Phone?

Our oldest daughter left our homeschool this year and started “real” high school. She’s been treking from class to class for about a month now, and this week her great secret was exposed: she doesn’t have a cell phone. It came up in her debate class, while the teacher was apparently trying to draw the […]

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At 12:36 PM

September 11, 2021

Things to do When You’re Not on the Trail

I couldn’t think of an exciting topic to discuss this week, so I thought I’d put together a list of a few resources that I’ve been enjoying lately, some for homeschooling, some for personal growth. In no particular order, here they are. If you’ve ever wanted to read Dante’s Divine Comedy felt too intimidated, this […]

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At 03:46 PM

September 4, 2021

Book Review: Fidelity

I’ve read a good bit of Wendell Berry’s writing in the past, but most of my focus was on his essays. The Unsettling of America, which I think I could still find blindfolded in the Jones Creek Library in Baton Rouge, formed the way I think about culture and the land. On the other hand, […]

Posted by Christina
At 03:54 PM

August 28, 2021

Bless the Lord

I came across this passage in one of Dorothy Day’s monthly columns for the Catholic Worker paper the other day, written when she was staying with her daughter before the birth of her third grandchild: “It has been a month of ‘ice, rains, snow and stormy winds,’ and every morning after the routine of fires, […]

Posted by Christina
At 01:58 PM

August 21, 2021

Stress Gardening

I’ve been doing some stress gardening lately. It’s a lot like stress cleaning, but with more dirt and sunshine. (And sweat, of course. It’s August.) It’s a practice that has felt natural and necessary as we endure another massive wave of Covid here in Louisiana, driven primarily by our low vaccination rates and high proportion […]

Posted by Christina
At 07:20 PM

August 14, 2021

Why We Work

We studied the Holocaust in our homeschool a little while back. It was hard in so many ways, (how do you explain so much evil to children?) but it was past time I came back to it myself, and definitely time my older girls started to learn about it. One of the things I had […]

Posted by Christina
At 10:47 AM


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