The Courage of Sarah Noble: Lucy’s book review

🙂 You should read The Courage of Sarah Noble.  You should read it because it is about a little girl named Sarah Noble and she goes into the woods with her father to build a house near Indians.  She had to leave the rest of her family behind because there wasn’t enough room to bring everybody.  The Indians turned out to be nice.  So when her father left to bring the rest of their family home, Sarah stayed with the Indians.  Their closest friend was Tall John so she stayed at Tall John’s house.  The Indians of the North were the other Indians’ enemies.  The most interesting part was that the Indians at the North passed by the Indians at night and did not disturb the Indians.  Sarah Noble taught the Indian children many things, and they taught her new Indian games.
the end
this is one of the best books ever! 🙂

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  1. Lucy, the books you are reading are so interesting that it makes me want to read them, too. I hope you will bring one of them when you come here for Christmas. Keep up the good reading and writing skills.
    Love you,

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