Samantha says…

These are the reasons we risk our lives and have children.

Samantha: Want more pickle!

Me: I know pickles taste good, but they won’t make you grow big and strong.

Samantha: I strong enough!

I had no answer for that.  Grandma just laughed.

And then,

Samantha, holding the “Bible Storybook: This book heavy because lots of God in it.

And every time she stands on something tall, she says, “I big!”.  And when she can’t do something she wants to, she hangs her head sadly and says, “I too little”.  And we all giggle.

She also says anything that Lucy says, very much like an echo.

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  1. hi guys, glad to hear mary is there with you! we hope this finds the colds/pink eyes gone & y’all are otherwise healthy & the placenta is moving in place as it should be. we’re keeping u in prayer! love ya, bob & kathy

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