An Update from the Baker Hospital

This is attempt number three for this post.  Craig’s computer has eaten it twice now.  But we had a doctor’s appointment last Monday (most of the delay is actually due to my laziness, not his computer, sadly) and here is the jist of things.
The placenta is in between the baby and its way out, so unless it moves, I’ll have to have another C-section.  The problem is that if the placenta detaches too soon, the baby loses oxygen, and if it gets damaged in the birthing process, there can be a lot of bleeding.  So what needs to happen for me to stay out of surgery is for the placenta to move up a little less (or more would be great!) than two centimeters, according to the ultrasound.
The good news is, it only has to move a little to remove most of the danger.  The other good news is that it’s not over the scar from my last C-section, so that eliminates a whole raft of other possible complications.
So on January 20 (which is roughly 36 weeks into the pregnancy) I’ll go back to Touro and have another ultrasound, and if it has moved, then we can pretend none of this ever happened and go on like any normal pregnancy, and if it hasn’t moved they’ll schedule a C-section for sometime that week.
So, clearly, what I need is for you to pray that the placenta moves up, and the more the better.  It’s not impossible, but there isn’t a lot of time and space for it to happen, so it’s not super likely either.
In the meantime, I get to stay on bed rest, the nice part of which is that my mom is coming to stay with us to help out, and then when she has to go home for a while Taylor is coming to stay.  So it’s not all bad.
But, maybe because someone thought I needed to be kept from getting too active, the girls and I all have head colds and pink eye right now.  So that’s been fun.  And Craig starts work again tomorrow.  And that’s the update.

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  1. Glad you have headcolds and pink eye and will definitely be housebound. No, I’m not. I’m doing the postpartum resting now and it sucks. I just want to be all better and run my house again. It is hard to relinquish that control to other people – even people that you love.
    January 20th gives us 10 days. a Novena plus one to grow on. Lets hope that placenta moves just a little bit in the right direction to make a clear path. I pray it does. =)

  2. Christina, I wanted to let you know that my PWOC (Bible study) group here in Naples is praying for you. I pray that you hear that everything is going well today for you and the newest little Baker.

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