October 3, 2010

Lucy partook of PBS this morning.  I’m not sure what she actually learned from Curious George (about recycling) and The Cat in the Hat (about tails), but it was better than watching the same Disney movies she usually watches at Nana and Papa’s house, I guess.

Today we went to mass at SJV and had donuts afterward.  Lucy is getting better at being quiet, although she still lets it be known that she is not really enjoying herself.  Samantha spent most of the time outside, since she kept throwing very noisy fits.

Lucy practiced drawing pumpkins with Mimi, and decorating them as family members.  It was very important that Dad and Uncle John have their glasses.

Samantha and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  The weather this week has been so beautiful, we had to get out again before the day was over.

After they brushed their teeth before bed, Lucy was standing in front of the medicine cabinet saying, “Goodnight, floss.  Goodnight, brush.  Goodnight, temperature (=thermometer).”  Samantha, of course, was repeating everything Lucy said.

Bedtime stories included Brother Juniper and The Song of Francis. Craig and Lucy were laughing out loud at Brother Juniper’s antics.

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