Five Years

Well, five years ago today I was sharing a bath with my brand-new husband in romantic St. Francisville.  (Sorry if that falls in the TMI category, there is a reason, I promise!)  We had neither den nor nest for sleeping, nor little else except the Buick.

Tonight I was giving a bath to two beautiful little girls in our own house (sort of – I hesitate to call it “ours” until the mortgage is paid).  What a difference five years makes!

My dear husband, by the way, is canoe-camping with his Justice Walking boys.  You romantical-types may feel free to send him shaming emails, but it was an honest mistake.  He didn’t forget the date, he just made all the camping plans without ever once looking at the date he was planning.

At any rate, I think all this calls for some chocolate cake from Gambino’s.  Who’s with me?

But seriously, I did want to thank all of you who were there for us five years ago, and all the rest of you who have supported us since then.  We could not do it, I’m pretty sure, without the help and prayers of all our friends and family.

And one of these days, I’m going to get around to planting the sunflowers that little morning rain shower promised!  Somebody remind me early next spring!

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  1. Happy (somewhat belated) Anniversary! I also have a bad habit of not looking at calendars or numbers when I plan things so I can certainly sympathize with Craig, but you are a most patient wife. 🙂 Hope the beginning of the sixth year is beautiful!

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