Update on Dad

Here’s the email my mom sent out, it tells the story better than I would trying to explain it.  The chemo is getting harder, but otherwise things seem to be looking up.

“Just wanted you to know that Eldon had a PET scan last Friday and an Echo cardiogram Tuesday.  They both came out good.  The doctor was pleased.  The cancer has shrunk in most spots.  There are still two spots on the lungs.  Eldon will have two more treatments and another PET scan after that.  He may need only the two treatments instead of the original four more.

The doctor would not let him have his scheduled chemo treatment today because his white blood cell count was too low.  It looks like he will have these next two treatment four weeks apart instead of three weeks apart.  It is getting harder for him to recover from the treatments as the cancer is fighting harder to stay alive.  He is having trouble walking and has sores developing on his legs.  He’s not eating as much again and has lost more weight.  The farther away from the treatment date the better he eats.  Hopefully, this week he will start eating again.  His spirits are good when nothing hurts and is enjoying our cooler weather.  He is still planning on going hunting in November, which is something he is looking forward to.

Thanks for all your prayers.  You can see they are working.  Please keep the prayers going.  Thank you.”

Dad sounded good when I talked to him this evening.  If it’s only two treatments, the end is in sight, and just knowing that helps.  Please do keep praying!

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