Growing UP

Lucy is growing up too fast.  Samantha is not far behind.  I have not been looking to their changes, I like them little, but I’m trying to accept that God’s plan for them (I hope!) is that they grow up and help to bring about His kingdom.  And I got a little encouragement here.  With two girls, I can already relate to this, even though they’re so small.  You should read it.  And if you wonder why I link to Elizabeth Foss’s work so much, it’s partly because she is about the only one of my blog list I get around to reading any more, forget writing anything of my own!

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  1. Did u see the ad on that page for Pope Cologne, the fav of Pope Pius VI? That’s nuts!
    How’s my God daugter doing? She’s almost a year! It is so crazy!

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