Big news the last couple of days.  Samantha said her first “word” in sign language two days ago (Monday).  It was “milk”.  I was quite excited.  Today we were playing, and I put a bowl on my head, and then on hers.  Then she took it and put it on her head a few times and laughed.  And I wondered, “where did that little baby of mine go??”  She’s grown up!

Then tonight, while we had a living room full (and I mean full) of high school students for one of Craig’s Theology and Eat sessions, Lucy (who had insisted on wearing panties all day and only had one accident so far) went into the bathroom and used her potty all by herself!  It was a momentous occasion.  Ten years from now, she may wonder why I needed to broadcast it over the internet, but since I’m doing a pretty poor job of keeping track of these milestones otherwise, this will have to do.

Tempus fugit.  Much faster than I care for it to, really.

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