Burritos and Basil

Well, we knew Lucy was stubborn, but we attributed that to her being the oldest child of two oldest children.  But it appears it may actually be genetics, because Samantha has a stubborn streak, as well.  For example, we had burritos for dinner.  Samantha was in her high chair, happily eating rice until we all sat down to join her.  Then she got very upset.  We offered her different things, including pieces of tortilla, but nothing worked, so we took her out of the chair and Craig was holding her.  She still didn’t settle down, and we had the impression that she wanted what the rest of us had to eat.  So Craig rolled up a piece of tortilla to look like a burrito, and she grabbed it with both hands and munched away happily.  Here’s the evidence:

First "burrito"

On further thought, I realized that the only reason we survived dinner last night was that we had red beans and rice, and she had sweet potato and rice.  I’m so not ready for this.

We also picked up some basil for tomorrow night’s dinner at the farmer’s market today.  It looks like something out of Harry Potter to me, or maybe something Craig and his brother could use to fight the zombies they have a sudden interest in.  I’m really looking forward to cooking with it. : )

Purple Basil

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