Quotes from the trip

Lucy has had quite a bit to say on our little trip to Georgia and North Carolina.  Here are a couple of her latest statements:

[Just after Lucy woken up this morning]

Craig: I’m going to eat you!

Lucy: I don’t want to!  I don’t taste good!

I know I said a couple of quotes, but now I can’t remember the other one (two?) and neither can Craig.  If they come to us, I’ll add them on.  In the meantime, Lisa’s wedding was nice, although we didn’t stay long at the reception because the girls (and I) were tired, and they have done remarkably well in the car thus far.  Visiting with Chris and Kelly is always good, and we’re keeping busy perusing their books and discussing cooking, gardening, kids, world peace, and other important topics.  More to come, when it’s not so late and my brain is a little more functional.

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