One Body

Here’s a challenge for you for next Sunday (or Saturday.) ? I’ve done this a few times, and it can be an eye-opening experience. ? When you go to church, sit near the front. ? (That’s not the challenge–wait for it!) ? Then, as people pass by in the communion procession, look at each face. ? (It helps to sing something like? We Are One Body? to yourself if the mass music is not condusive to this exercise.) ? That person is not only your friend, not only your brother or sister in Christ, but your self, your own body. ? ? ? Now pay extra attention to those people you judge as they go by (I know I do this) because they are dressed to poorly or too well, because of the color of their skin or the look on their face, whatever you tend to classify people by. ? When you get that (however slight) repulsed or holier-than-thou feeling looking at someone, remind yourself: “This is my brother. ? This is me. ? Christ died for both of us.” ? Sometimes I find myself thinking, “I don’t really want to be one body with that person.” ? But she is good enough for Christ to love, so who am I to despise her, or even look down on her? ?

I could do this every day and I don’t think I will ever learn to truly love as I ought, but I feel like this helps me at least keep pointed in the right direction, even when progress is slow.

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