A Tribute to Grandmothers

What would we do without Grandmothers? If you read Samantha’s birth story, you already know how necessary Craig’s mom turned out to be to our having the wonderful birth experience we did. None of us would have made it through the night if she hadn’t been there for Lucy, but thanks to her, we were all able to be together when little Samantha came into the world.

Another blessing we have had since the birth of our second baby: my mother has been staying with us for almost three weeks now. I don’t know how I would have survived without her! She has been the definition of selfless service. Between tag-teaming the babies, doing laundry, changing countless diapers, washing dishes, and providing moral support to tired and confused new parents, she has been priceless, despite her own exhaustion. (She doesn’t usually have to try and keep up with a two-year-old!) Lucy wakes up in the morning now saying, “Where Grandma?” and Mom has a special touch for rocking Samantha to sleep. It’s a little scary to think how I will do this by myself (during the day, anyway) when she leaves!

It is a special calling to be a grandmother, to be a support for not only your own children, but your children’s spouses and children as well. It represents, it seems to me, a new level of service, even broader and more accepting than motherhood. Faults and mistakes of grandchildren can be washed away by love that is Christ-like in its willingness to forgive. I am told it is a great joy to be a grandparent; I hope someday I am blessed with the opportunity to love as whole-heartedly and selflessly I am watching my parents and my husband’s parents love our children now.

My mom always told me (in jest?), “I raised my kids, I’m not going to raise yours.” She doesn’t live close enough to do all the raising, but I’m so thankful she has decided that she doesn’t mind helping!

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  1. dang christina, wish i could see mary when she read this, bet she was bawling. i never did a blog b4 & u may get this 10x, as i hit something & it removes this page from the screen. oh to be so ignorant. and there’s something covering the box i’m writing in & i can see what’s being typed… never grow old girl! wish we could be around to play with your babies too! hugs to criag &all of ya. kathy

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