That Joyous Day

Well, it finally (and I mean finally) happened.  Lucy pooped on the potty today.  Samantha only beat her to it by three days.  Yes, Lucy is 3 1/2, but we decided early on that we would not force potty training, but let it happen in Lucy’s own time.  At some point I made a foolish prayer for patience, and God has his own way of answering it.

It took a little longer that we were hoping.  She has a strong will-she’s been physically ready as far as we can tell for a long time, but always claimed that she wasn’t big enough yet.  But today she dissappeared into the bathroom, shut the door, and a few minutes later was shouting, “Mommy!  I pooped!”

Which usually does not bring joy to a mother’s heart, but today, it was wonderful.  We’re going out for ice cream as soon as Samantha wakes up from her nap to celebrate.

So there is some faint hope that I will have no one (or at least only one) in diapers before the next baby arrives.

And no, that doesn’t mean we’re pregnant.  Yet.  But hopefully that’s only a matter of time.  🙂

Meanwhile, Samantha hates her diapers, and urinated on the floor three times today.

You win some, you lose some, and some get, uh, “rained” out.