Zoo! May 13, 2011

Homeschooling journal:

We had a good trip to the zoo with Katie, Cylis, and Micah this morning.  Lucy told Cylis about the Spanish moss, and we saw the tiger and black bears moving around and the white alligators up close.  Most of the time we let the kids play in the water at Monkey Hill, then the thunder started and we had to make a run for the shelter in the swamp exhibit.  Lucy panicked at the thunder.  We finally walked back in the rain after lunch, and got to the gates just as the sun was coming back out.

This afternoon has been melt-down city.

Lucy and Samantha tell the story:

Lucy: I might call Cylis PJ.  PJ came to the zoo with me.  I didn’t like it when it rained and thundered.  I thought of bringing an umbrella.  This is kind of funny.  I was not thinking to do this.  I wanted to go see the giraffes.  I didn’t get to see them.  I liked the statue elephants and the real elephants.  I liked it when I played in the water.  I really liked that part.
Samantha: Cylis was a shark tooth!
Lucy: That’s why we had to go up the mountains.  Cylis was a shark when we were playing in the water.  And there was a little hill we could go down in.  And I liked that shower thing.  There was a thing we really liked when we went down the hill.  I didn’t like the white aligator.  It was too scary.
Samantha: I don’t like it either.
Lucy: I don’t think I remember – know the rest.  But it was really fun.
Samantha: And there was a black long aligator.  A black long aligator like your hair.  There was raining and thundering and I don’t like it.  But we had a stroller.  There was a big black aligator.  It was raining and thundering but I don’t like it cuz it’s so rainy and thundering.
Lucy: And we got soaked.  We wanted to get out of there.  We thought it was going to lightening like we learned about lightening and because you might get metal in your tounge.
Samantha: There was a shark tooth.  Cylis thought this was a shark tooth and I like that because I was wondering where Lucy is.
Lucy: I was over by the water fall.  I was waiting for all the big kids to pass by.  Cuz I don’t like those boys.  So I waited for them all to pass by.
Samantha: But I don’t like them either.

At this point the girls were distracted by Craig making chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes and the story ended.

September 24, 2010

Lucy’s story today:

“A long time ago I didn’t feel very good because I needed to go potty but I couldn’t because my tummy was just like throwing up to the ceiling because I needed to go potty and I was about to throw up.  And I needed some chicken to make me feel better and I ate the chicken and I felt better.  That was all.”

Zoo Trip with Nana

This is Lucy’s first “official” narration.  A big part of the homeschooling method we’re looking at is telling back stories the child has heard as well as the story of what happened on a trip, during the day, etc.  We went to the zoo today with Craig’s mom today, and here’ is Lucy’s story (which required some prompting, but not too much).  Here it is!

“I’ll tell you about the zoo.  We went to the zoo.  And then we saw the animals.  And then we didn’t go see the lions.  Abnd then what did we did?  Samantha and us and you and mommy and me and Samantha and NaNa.  I didn’t want to walk.  Because my knee hurt because I got blood because I fell on th ground because I wnet on the mountain on the grass and then I got hurt.  Then I got a yellow snowball.”

And here are the pictures…

Gorilla – they were busy today.


Lounging gorilla

Posing by the orangutans.

Lucy and Samantha at the zoo

Samantha’s new friends.

Samantha's new friendb]s