Cultural Literacy?

My pop-culture illiterate daughter trying to explain to friends which songs she is playing for her next concert:

Lucy: I don’t remember the name of it, but it’s something about rocking somebody…

Morgan: “We Will Rock You”?

Phil: No way. [Because it’s a symphony, after all. It has to be more classy than that!]

Lucy: Yes! That’s it!

Origin of Species? Check.

Jane Austen? Check.

Queen? Not so much. ūüėÄ

Homeschooling update 3/16/2012

Busy weeks…
Last Saturday we all went fishing with SJV.  The girls each caught several fish and Samantha won a pink fishing pole for catching the most of any girl.  The girls all got to play with worms, and Clare tried to eat one.
Sunday I took Lucy and Samantha to a chamber music concert that the St. Michael’s band put on.¬† Lucy liked it, but Samantha doesn’t want to go back.
Ballet Monday and Tuesday.
Wednesday Craig and his dad took apart the washing machine.
Thursday we visited the farmer’s market and Whole Foods.
Today we went to Lowe’s and Target.¬† Tomorrow we’re going to plant one of Papa’s vegetable beds.

Of pickles and hot-tars

The mini-guitar has made a reappearance the last couple of days, and Samantha has been handling it well enough that I don’t have to fear too much for its safety now. ¬†Funny things that go with the guitar: ¬†Lucy used to call it a hot-tar, and the pick a pickle. ¬†Samantha has the pick right (although Craig now calls it a pickle…) but she says “but-tar”. ¬†It’s held Samantha’s attention better than anything else I can think of recently, and today she was strumming and making up songs. ¬†One included monsters, and I think she sang, “Monster, monster, don’t come get me!” ¬†Another repeated, “Grandpa died, Grandpa died, now in Heaven” over and over. ¬†I’m waiting to hear tomorrow’s songs…

Craig brought his guitar home, too, and we had a musical evening with Justin, Theresa, and Ebbie.

And, as you can see, Clare is now big (I should say BIG) enough for the Bumbo. ¬†She is a chunk. ¬†And, finally, the results of Craig’s music: (she’s asleep, if you can’t tell).

Somehow a Frog Finds a Pond

So I have found a new almost-all-consuming pastime. (!) ¬†Searching for kid-friendly, good¬†music which does not involve Disney or the same fifteen songs over and over. ¬†Or anyone licking up baby bumble bees. ¬†That’s just weird.

And I should profess again my love for NPR.  Last weekend we were driving to Baton Rouge and happened to hear the music review at the end of the Friday edition of All Things Considered.  Lucy was dancing in her car seat, and I was cracking up.

So apparently¬†Stefan Shepherd‘s review has catapulted the South Carolina band Lunch Money to semi-stardom. ¬†We ordered the CD almost as soon as we got to Baton Rouge. ¬†And I love it. ¬†And Craig doesn’t mind it. ¬†And Lucy dances to it, and is already singing “Are You a Rabbit” around the house. ¬†The lyrics are witty, without sacrificing good vocabulary (reticulated python!). ¬†I love the fun, fast sound that dominates the CD, and the slower and calmer songs just make me happy.

So Samantha is no longer sleeping, so I guess I’m done, but if you are looking for some fun, clean music, check out Lunch Money. ¬†Goodnight all!