Happy Birthday Clare!

Our Little Miss Sunshine is 7 years old today!



She’s busy with ballet, books, sewing, and drawing.  And, of course, being the best playmate ever for Isaac.  Her superpower: she gives great hugs.

We’ve spent a lot of time counting our blessings lately, and our lovely, loving children are always at the top of the list.



(Hopefully soon we can share a picture of them all together…)



Lucy’s birthday party, now that she is almost 4 1/2

So the pictures are a little late.  But we made the cakes ourselves.  Lucy wanted pink and purple and cake and cupcakes.  So the guests could choose what they liked best, of course.  : )

Papa Ben and Samantha (and Mary Lou’s famous Jello in the foreground.)

Uncle Sean with the Birthday Girl.

Mimi, B-Bob and Nana helped celebrate.

It takes a lot of concentration to blow out those candles!

Lucy got a little more help than she really wanted blowing out the candles.

Lucy dictated the messages for her thank-you notes, and signed her name to some of them herself!