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On Transfusions

There are funny posts forthcoming, but it’s not all fun and games, this almost dying thing.  I’m glad I can laugh about some of it – really, I’m glad I’m here to have the option of laughing about it! – but there were lots of very poignant moments, too.  Which, honestly, are a little harder to write about, but here goes.

After 21 units of blood, while I was still in ICU trying to understand where the last two days of my life had gone, my hemoglobin was still not coming up like is should.  Which I think means my body was refusing to make red blood cells.  So our OB was pretty much shaking his head, and thinking that I would need another unit of blood if the count hadn’t come up the next time they checked.  (I got 21 units, but I’m pretty sure I gave back at least half of one for testing.)

Meanwhile, our dear Fr. Sam came to visit, and brought me the Eucharist.  Oh, did I cry.  Veronica, if you’re reading this, you would have been proud.  I felt bad for crying at him like that, but it was a very moving moment: I was in a hospital bed, tubes coming out of four (I think) separate parts of my body, unable to walk, so completely broken, and my God deigned to come to me.  Himself.  And Fr. Sam brought Him.  It felt like the right time for tears.

Anyway, at the next blood count, after receiving the Body of Our Lord, my hemoglobin was up, just about as much as if I had been given a unit of blood.

Our wonderful, devoutly Catholic OB told us this good news, and said maybe it would be best if he were to just prescribe daily communion.

And honestly, I would have preferred that to the iron pills he did prescribe.  🙂

Things you never think about…

It’s been a long three weeks. The quick update: Jacob is thriving in NICU (he’s 31 weeks gestation now, three weeks old) and soon he’ll be able to try nursing/bottle feeding. My milk has still not come in, so if you need something to add to your prayer list, pray for that to happen soon.
I’m healing slowly. No major set-backs since I came home, which has been a blessing. Just waiting for my body to do the work it has to for me to be able to get back to a semi-normal routine.
I’d really like to start this blog up again in earnest. We have internet at the house now, so I’m out of excuses, and I have had plenty to think about lately. Bear with me, I’m afraid I’m going to work through some of it here if full view. Not sure how great a plan that is. I guess we’ll see.

And the thing I never thought about before:
Choosing outfits. It used to be, “Is this right for the weather?” and “Is it appropriate for the doctor’s office/church/park we’ll be visiting today?”
Now, my first thought is, “Can I easily roll up the sleeves so I can scrub in at NICU?” Followed by, “Well, Isaac just sneezed on this shirt, so I’ll have to change before we go visit Jacob anyway.”
Style? Since it’s all sweatpants all the time right now, maybe I’ll worry about that later.

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