Homeschool…it’s been a while

So it’s been a while…like almost three years…but yesterday morning was too much fun not to record.

Samantha was up before 7 asking for paints to finish the canvas she’d drawn on. (It’s a split image of a Holy Spirit dove and a crucifix.)

We got dressed, had breakfast, etc.

Then came the morning routine of Book of Saints (St. Jerome today!), Life of Fred, and today’s special: “How are mammals and fish different?” More work to do there the next couple weeks. And Story of the World part III starts next week, if the book ever gets here. My fault – I sent it to the old address and the post office can’t seem to forward it very quickly.

Then I came in from trying to change the alternator in the Honda (success! In case you were wondering) and found:

Clare running a ballet class (including stretching) for a 1-, a 2-, a 3-, and a 4 year-old,
Samantha engaged in Legos with a 5- and a 6-year-old,
And Lucy (who only does math with moping and sighing) happily doing Saxon math with her 9-year-old friend.

And apparently the older girls had the little girls color drawings of their hearts for the life-sized human body tracings they made of them. I know this because Clare’s heart was left out on the homeschool room table.

And the older girls are also on a crochet kick, which has taught them hand-eye skills, and taught Samantha that there is an end to the length of tape measures. And that they don’t work well anymore if you pull them too far.

Now the crochet chains are going into the tent plans.