But I Nana!

That was Samantha’s explanation.  Now for the story.

I was next door at Bob and Mary Lou’s house, with Clare.  I thought that Ben and Helen (Craig’s parents) were at the store, and Lucy and Samantha were swimming with Uncle Sean.  When I came back, I found that Ben and Helen were back and Samantha was in trouble.  Apparently after they had finished swimming, she had put on a pair of Nana’s shoes, which meant she was Nana, with all the rights and privileges accompanying that.  So she unlocked the back door, went out and got herself a beer out of the mini-fridge by the pool, because, as she said, “I thirsty.”

(Fortunately, she’s not as good at opening cans as she is at unlocking doors.)

Earth Bag Houses

For those of you we haven’t talked to in a while, this is our plan for the next several years.  Why would we want to do this, you might wonder?  Let’s just say we’re tired of spending $400 to fix our AC, and $300 for plumbing, and lining banker’s pockets with our mortgage interest, and wasting energy, water, building materials…it’s a long list.  But go check it out:


The hope is, once we sell this house, to get some land probably in Livingston Parish (between N.O. and Baton Rouse) and get to building.  If you know anyone looking to move to Marrero, let us know!