Good news!

The midwife finally called back (she’s had at least 4 births -that I know of- in the last two weeks and a hard time getting in touch with the doctor, too) and it looks like we have a good chance at a home birth!  I have to make an appointment with her back-up doctor and then we go from there.  Thank you St. Rita, St. Gerard, and everyone else who has been praying for us over the long last two and a half weeks.

Meanwhile, I had an appointment at Oschner on Friday and everything looks fine.  So now we start praying that everything stays fine, and scratching to find the money to do this, because even though it costs way less money to do a home birth, our insurance doesn’t cover it.  (Although I’ve heard stories lately that they will pay for some, but it’s still not very much of the total.)  Anyone want to make a donation?  We’re not above barter, either.  🙂

Anyway, that was the fantastic news we got walking into Mass this morning.  Samantha had a birthday party Saturday (she turned two on Friday, can you believe it?) and that was a lot of fun.  I’m taking today off, then starting tomorrow on thank-you notes and gearing up for Lucy’s party.  I don’t know when they’ll ever get to have separate ones again, so this year is it!  At the same time we’re prepping for Christmas, the baby, moving if we ever actually get around to it…things seem to be busy.

So keep praying, and I’ll update you with whatever we find out next.