One more first

Thursday night, Samantha took her first steps!  We were sitting in the living room, and she toppled forward (it seemed to me) like she had tried to walk, so I picked her up and pointed her toward Craig, and she took two or three steps to him, then back to me, and back a couple more times.  I am not ready for two walking children, but apparently Samantha thinks I am!  She hasn’t done much more, but she spent most of today in the stroller at the zoo anyway.  Things are happening fast here!

The Blue Slinky

We were playing with a blue slinky the other day, and it sat still in an arch.  I said “It looks like a rainbow.”

Lucy said, “Yes!  It has lots of beautiful colors!  Like blue.  And also, blue!”

It’s true, the slinky was only blue.  I laughed really, really hard, and Lucy didn’t quite understand why.


Big news the last couple of days.  Samantha said her first “word” in sign language two days ago (Monday).  It was “milk”.  I was quite excited.  Today we were playing, and I put a bowl on my head, and then on hers.  Then she took it and put it on her head a few times and laughed.  And I wondered, “where did that little baby of mine go??”  She’s grown up!

Then tonight, while we had a living room full (and I mean full) of high school students for one of Craig’s Theology and Eat sessions, Lucy (who had insisted on wearing panties all day and only had one accident so far) went into the bathroom and used her potty all by herself!  It was a momentous occasion.  Ten years from now, she may wonder why I needed to broadcast it over the internet, but since I’m doing a pretty poor job of keeping track of these milestones otherwise, this will have to do.

Tempus fugit.  Much faster than I care for it to, really.

Round 4

Here’s the latest on my Dad.  He had his stint taken out yesterday (and replaced?  I haven’t called to find out if they had to put one in again) and today he has his fourth round of chemo.  Here is the novena, which I will be starting again.  The good news is, this is the halfway point for the treatments they have planned.

Sorry the posts have been few and far between lately, the girls aren’t sleeping as much as they had been.  Or maybe I’m sleeping more… : )  There are pictures coming, but I have to do them from Craig’s computer, which means in the evening, which is really hard.  But soon…

Pirate Prayer

Ah, it’s been a while.  Things have been slightly crazy.  Dad had his third chemo treatment, and that is still going as well as can be expected.  He’s tired and sick, but still in good spirits.

Craig’s mom needs prayers now, too.  She had a biopsy done Tuesday and will find out September 9 if is it something they will have to treat.  In the meantime, she’s recovering from the biopsy and the anesthesia, and trying not to worry too much about what the test results will be.  When it rains around here, it pours!

Part of the reason I’ve been so slow to post is that our computer was stolen two weekends ago when our house was broken into.  Fortunately, the only took that and the change jars I was collecting for the girls.  Unfortunately (?) that means they took less than our home owner’s insurance deductible, so we were on our own for replacing the computer.  (Which, I don’t think I mentioned, we had only had for about three weeks.)  But Deus providebit, and one of the priests from Craig’s school, who knows lots and lots and lots about computers, heard what had happened and built us a new desktop from pieces he had laying around.  Which is how I am now able to write this for you to read.  God sure has strange ways of going about things.

I’ll be updating the homeschooling things soon, but I seem short on time lately, so that is what has been neglected.  Some of the time has been going to rearranging the house, including trying to get our front bedroom in the sort of condition to be used as the homeschooling room.

But you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with “pirate prayer”.  On a rare (these days) occasion, I drop by other Catholic homeschooling mommy blogs (if you know of other good ones, I’d love to hear about them), and I found a jewel today.  Here it is.  Enjoy.