Another Year

Craig has started teacher orientation again.  This summer flew by, especially since we were out of town most of the month of July.  His return to work, and my non-return, have raised a number of questions for me again.  “Can we really afford to live on one income?  Why did we get such a nice car so now we have those payments to keep up with?  Where can I spend a few less dollars?  Can I really handle two little girls all day?”

Meanwhile, we’re trying to build a homeschool library, eat more locally and organically, and be generous where we can.  Of course, in the midst of my worries, the liturgy came through again.  Just as I was thinking, “How on earth are we going to do this?”, the lectionary brought up the feeding of the five thousand (twice!) and the Bread of Life discourse.  I say, “This is a problem!” and again God says, “Trust me!”  On the heels of our traveling, just as I was starting to get my head reoriented to running a household, and so just as the worries began to build, there was my answer in Scripture.

And this is where I think my *attempted* prayer routine is going to pay off.  The Liturgy of the Hours has never spoken to my heart in the past, but now when night prayer asks for rest to renew our tired bodies, I’m there!  The Psalms are somehow always appropriate, and time and again the daily readings sneak up on me with just what I need to hear, whether I think I’m ready to hear it or not!

So from the depths of the screaming toddler, the sound of the washing machine, buzzing computers, and splashes at bathtime, the Word of God speaks softly, but clearly, as long as I am willing to make the time to listen.

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  1. Beautiful.
    Can we even afford to live on one income? We’ve been doing it for 5 months, but haven’t changed out spending habits yet. We only have one car and are contemplating a second, at least not for a year, though, until a raise maybe. Its tough, but worth it. In the long run its best for us to be with our beloved little ones and raise them.
    Good luck with everything.
    St. Joseph, intercede for us.

  2. My dearest Daughter,
    I felt the same way when you and John came along. But the Good Lord helped us through it all. Do just what you have been doing: eating at home, thrift stores for clothes, wait for birthday money, Christmas gift cards, etc. You will make it through by the power of God.
    Love you.

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