Saturday Morning Tea Party

Lucy set up a tea party for us this morning.  The cups are for Mommy, Daddy, Josh, Ashley, me (Lucy), and “Man” (Elijah?).  Only Samantha and I were present to partake, however. 

The day’s laundry is already done.  This is a good day. : )

Tea party 1

Tea party 2


And yes, the fat little leg in the corner is Samantha.

6 Replies to “Saturday Morning Tea Party”

  1. V –
    I don’t think so. After a few months of “Manta”, Lucy is now quite good at saying “Samantha”. “Man” tends to refer to the guy working on the house we drive by, the dudes wandering along the ditch behind out house, etc.

    On another note, by the time I finished that post, Lucy had the tea cups half-way cleaned up. I was quite excited.

  2. ohhhh I hope she cleans up all the time!!!! I wish Clark was cleaning up already, but he has only mastered spitting up.

  3. V-
    I like Heart of the World a lot. I actually read it once, and I’m going back through it more slowly and carefully, because I didn’t feel like I got it the first time. Thank you!!

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