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Day Three

Don’t worry, we won’t be doing this every day. ┬áBut it’s fun for the first week. ­čÖé ┬áDay three of homeschooling included…

more reading

Chanticleer and the Fox

and collages

Lucy at work

Caterpillar and "C" collages

I hope you can see how much glue was required for this. ┬áThere wasn’t much more paper added after this point. ┬áNext time, I’ll follow my better judgement and use a glue stick.


Today is the feast of St. Lucy, our oldest daughter’s namesake. (It’s a little strange to call her the “oldest” when she is barely two!) So we got up early-ish and got to work on the Saint Lucia buns. We used cardamom instead of the traditional saffron, but they came out pretty well, and the house smelled wonderful all day! Then we had a big brunch to celebrate Lucy’s special day.

I don’t have any profound insights about it all, except that it was wonderful to make something special that actually came out right (I’ve had a string of culinary defeats lately) and how entertaining dough can be in little hands. Lucy made her own buns, which were not exactly traditionally shaped, but still tasted great! This morning reinforced to me the goods that come from simple things like hand-kneading bread and working side-by-side with your family. It is hard to describe the peace that came working in the kitchen in the morning sun, and the sense of accomplishment when we tasted what we had spent so much time and effort making. I don’t think I could do it every day, but it was a wonderful, relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning!

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